We really started with not knowing much about cleaning and how to run business. Luckily Paul was always around and supervised us, gave us prompt guidance.

My name is Kyna Pan and we are the franchisee of Mosman & North Sydney.

Back in 2006,my brother Michael and parents migrated to Australia. We considered to find a job or a business for a better living. Due to financial, physical and language constraints, we had searching and investigating different type of business and jobs.

However, there were not many choices for us at that time. Michael tried different type of jobs but did not work out. Till we found the residential cleaning industry, we spoke with a few Chinese cleaners and more positive feedback than other options. Instead of buying some jobs from other cleaners, our thoughts were to fully utilize this investment opportunity and make it a growing business. Hence, we learned that franchise model is something that could help us to achieve the goal.

We investigated 4-5 franchise companies and called so many franchisees to understand and evaluate how to run a successful franchise business. I still remember Michael and I met with Director Paul Mitchell and he thoroughly explained how the franchise runs, how to be a good franchisee, and evaluate our situation, encourage us to take the first step etc. We really appreciate for this valuable opportunity and quickly we made our decision to start with one suburb franchise.

It was really challenge time for the first a few months. We tried so hard to get through so many obstacles, lack of driving skills, unfamiliarity with the road condition, little communication with client, few customer services. We really started with not knowing much about cleaning and how to run business. Luckily Paul was always around and supervised us, gave us prompt guidance. Maria was also the key player during that time and we would never forgot her lovely voice like angel each time to help us out of the difficult situation. Paul also arranged us to work with Terry during the early stage, who is always the model for us to learn from. 

Soon after one year, we were stable enough to upgrade to purchase another suburb. Paul was flexible enough to allow us to switch Lindfield suburb to Mosman & North Sydney which are more close to each other.  

We started to get grow quickly after 2010. We had Jack Mo joined us, then Kelvin Shen. Both of them are the strong team player. We improve our customer service to another level and regularly we had some client references. Our income also steadily grows and we feel happy for making the right choice a few years ago. We grow as Houseproud grows, which now has more than one hundred franchisees around Australia and we would love to see it getting more prosperous.

Houseproud franchise business really gave us the platform for financial freedom. We are now having more free time than those ones work in the office, so we could spend more time with family members, enjoy hobbies, travel around etc. We would definitely recommend Houseproud and more than welcome new people to join this growing family!

Kyna Pan fromHouseproud Mosman - 2088