When I arrived for my meeting, I was introduced to the Director Paul Mitchell and the Head office team. I was impressed by their openness, honesty and their friendliness and they were very professional.

Hi my name is Martise and this is my story of how I became a Franchise owner of a Houseproud Cleaning Franchise.

After working in real estate for 12 years, I needed a change. Yep, I got sick of working weekends as I was missing out on precious family time with my boys.  Any parent knows that our kids grow up way too fast right before our eyes, so time with them is very precious.  

I got to a stage where I started thinking long and hard about my future, my goals and where I wanted to be in the next few years. 

I had a successful career in Real estate.  I am a fully licenced Real Estate Agent and a qualified Real Estate Auctioneer. I was one of the top 10 selling agents in the St George area. I appeared on the TV show "Auction Squad" twice and was a candidate for auctioning one of the properties. I was highly respected amongst my work colleagues and by my clients.

I enjoyed my time listing and selling properties, but the hours and days were long and the weekend work was taking its toll on my boys. I was a single mum it was time for me to put my life in perspective and my number one priority was to find a way to allow me to spend more time with them!

So I started to investigate different options; maybe a new career orr perhaps my own little business that would allow me to work my own hours?

I am not one to waste precious time, so I started to look at ads for different businesses such as cafes, sandwich shops etc and whilst doing so I came across an ad for Houseproud Cleaning Franchises. I thought to myself, this could be OK, I have never done professional cleaning before but how hard can it be? and after all I am a bit of a clean freak. :-) 

I wrote the number down and left it on my dresser and the next morning I saw it and I decided to give them a call. 

I spoke with a gentleman called Ian and I was pleasantly surprised about how helpful hew was. I asked him what seemed to be a 100 questions and he was very patient and helpful and answered all my enquiries. After chatting with him for some time, I hung up with a good feeling in my gut about this Franchise.

After thinking about it that evening, I called back the next day and made an appointment to go to the head office and check it out. 

When I arrived for my meeting, I was introduced to the Director Paul Mitchell and the Head office team. I was impressed by their openness, honesty and their friendliness and they were very professional. 

During our meeting, I asked if I would be able to go out on the road with some Franchises to see firsthand what this business would be like and to chat with them about how their business was going, this was arranged for me immediately and without any hiccups. 
After going out and spending time with a couple of the other Franchises and chatting with them, this business went to the top of my list! 

I slept on it and woke up with my mind made up, I was going to be a Houseproud Cleaning Franchise Owner!

After purchasing my franchise, head office provided me with a week’s training and right after my training I started work immediately. 

The Head Office team had already booked jobs for me so I was off and on my way to working my own business. 

From the very beginning I couldn’t believe the amount of leads that were given to me to help me build my business. I was very excited and knew that I had made the right decision.

It was only a matter of weeks (4) and I already had to employ someone to help me as I had too much work!  

I was feeling on top of the world as I knew that my decision was the right one. Who would have ever thought that after having a rewarding career in real estate I was going to have a successful cleaning franchise business that was making me very good money!   

My goal from the very beginning was to work the business for 3 years and to build it to a stage where I would gradually increase the number of staff, so that I can eventually be able to work a short week. I was aiming at a 3 day week and unbelievably I achieved my goal after only having the business for 18 months. 

I currently have 4 employees and I am only working a 3 day week! and my business is still growing!

The best part is I have lots of time with my boys and my mum who is 84 yrs old and I am still providing us all with a healthy lifestyle.

I would recommend a Houseproud Cleaning Franchise to anyone who wants to go places, after all you don’t need to be a Professor or a scientist to clean commercial or residential properties, and with a bit of hard work and goal setting you too can be successful. 
It really is this easy!

Martise Zerafa 
Houseproud Cleaning Bexley -  2207