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If you’re thinking of starting your own business, start here!


Owning a Carpet Franchise that is linked to the Houseproud Cleaning Franchise means you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

You own and operate your own business, choosing your own hours and growing your business to suit you, whilst enjoying the support of an established, proven marketing and management system that uses the latest technology in way of a customised app and systemised reporting functions.

WOW, did you see how many ‘you/yours there are in that sentence? Because it’s all about you!


The benefits of being part of Houseproud are significant as we provide you with;

  • Greater advertising and marketing opportunities
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Access to a broad range of products, services and training programs
  • Brand new equipment and uniforms
  • A lead and customer based app to manage new customers and continue to service existing ones
  • Clients – we provide leads to you


With currently have 30,000 residential and commercial clients, who trust and rely on the Houseproud brand with high quality services we offer, you can always be sure that your next lead is right around the corner.


The advantage of being part of the Houseproud family are;

  • We’re a strong and powerful brand with a successful and unique franchise system
  • You are your own boss and choose your own hours, but have the support and mentorship from an entire group of Franchisees
  • We provide you training and pay for marketing and advertising. All the essentials to put you in the mindset of success!
  • We can offer you a variety of services from residential, commercial real estate and strata agents
  • You have exclusive territory rights


Houseproud will support you in making the process of owning your own business easier. We understand that for many people, this is a new direction and you will need a helping hand, and that’s why a franchise is perfect for you. We can help you plan and build a business to match your expectations. We have the resources and infrastructure to help people in different situations in making their transition of owning their own business possible.

With over 17 years’ experience,  let our experience and knowledge turn your idea of being a business owner into a reality!

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